With over 15 years experience providing cloud-based consumer affairs applications, Wilke Global has developed a robust, reliable approach to ensuring performance and security for our clients.


Program to ensure appropriate security controls are in place to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, compromise, or loss of data.

Wilke Global’s Information Security Management program is based around the ISO 27001 standard for managing information security, and draws on security controls from the ISO 27002 standard, as well as CFR Part 11, and additional controls relevant to Wilke’s environment. The Wilke Global data center is SSAE 16 SOC I and SOC II compliant.

We treat all inbound users as ‘untrusted,’ and leverage different security zones, enterprise grade firewalls, intrusion protection, encrypted connections and more to protect your data.


At our datacenter, we have virtually unlimited bandwidth. Our hosted domain name is broadcasted across multiple Tier­1 ISPs for maximum efficiency and connectivity. The facility is a Tier­IV class data center, with multiple power providers, priority fuel delivery, and hurricanerated construction.

Wilke Global has deployed a comprehensive set of scripts and utilities that monitor all aspects of our hosted environment and operation, including performance, availability, and intrusion detection. Unusual occurrences trigger immediate notification to our technical team.

We maintain sufficient capacity (servers, bandwidth, stand­by hardware) to handle enormous unplanned spikes in traffic with no performance degradation.


Wilke Global maintains a full copies of databases at our datacenter facility and an off­site facility. We also leverage a virtual, cloud­based backup system.

Most of our hardware has redundancy or failover built­in ­ for example, RAID storage. We also maintain fully functioning spare equipment (servers, motherboards, disk drives, network cards, routers, etc.) in case of routine equipment failure.

Wilke Global also maintains comprehensive Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery plans to ensure the integrity and completeness of our backups and procedures.