Respond when consumers are talking to you rather than just about you

Streamline Social Media Consumer Support & Service

Social Media engagement is a cross functional activity in many organizations. While the brand may take the lead, providing consumers information and answers remains consumer care’s focus. SMART allows you to quickly and easily identify the posts you need to respond to.

Ensure the Correct Info is Communicated

Consumer care best knows how and what to respond to consumers. It’s the same information you are already providing across your other channels.

Comprehensive Reporting Across All Channel

SMART’s utilizes the consistent coding structure with CRS. Thus your reporting can span channels to provide the complete view of what’s happening with your products.


Product Description & Features

Take Ownership of Consumer Engagements

Consumer care is charged with responding to a wide range of consumer contacts. SMART aggregates Social Media mentions by topic and threads them to help you understand what the conversation is about so you can figure out how best to respond.

Find the Needle in the Haystack

There is a lot of noise in Social Media, and a lot of commentary that is simply commentary. Still, there are real questions being asked and legitimate issues being raised. SMART was designed and built to help consumer care organizations uncover these important posts, and provide the tools necessary to respond.

Manage Engagements on Owned Properties

When a consumer comes to your Facebook page or tweets at you, they are looking for information. SMART specializes in helping you manage these engagements. It helps you respond quickly via the same channel to ensure a great consumer experience.

Protect Your Brands

Social media engagement includes proactively protecting your brands and ensuring misinformation is squashed. SMART helps you to moderate your owned properties to protect your values and messaging.

Derive Actionable Insights

SMART has a flexible tagging system. Go beyond mere sentiment and tag items with the same product, issue, and location codes used in your CRM system. Once tagged, derive insights from SMART’s ad-hoc inquiries, word clouds, trend, and pivot reports.

Streamlined Channel Switching

Used in conjunction with CRS, reps are able to seamlessly transition consumer contacts from a social media channel to a conventional one. This ensures that consumer privacy is protected while also allowing you to capture the necessary information from the consumer.