Helping you convert vast amounts of data to actionable insights to drive the business.

Reduce barriers to action

INCITE makes sharing information across your organization simple and immediate. It empowers you and your constituencies to rapidly identify issues and resolve them.

Visualize Your Data

Finally, the results can be presented in a variety of visual formats, including charts, grids, and tag clouds, with full drilldown capability.

Seamless Integration

Since INCITE is preconfigured to work with CRS, there is no additional data integration, migration or mapping.


Product Description & Features

INCITE is an intuitive business intelligence tool for managers and executives—no programming or technical expertise is required. Its power lies in rapid Data Discovery—surfacing trends and anomalies for further investigation. At its heart is a powerful search and analysis engine that can churn through vast amounts of data in real time and present it in easy-to-understand infographic.

Powerful Analytics

The true power of INCITE comes from its ability to analyze search results for trends and anomalies. To facilitate this, results can be summarized, pivoted, and ranked. A variety of statistical functions are available, including count, sum, average, min, max, and standard deviation. In addition, results can be normalized using production or sales volumes.

Fast Queries

It all starts with a simple query. Filtering data is easy and results are returned in an instant. Facets guide you through the search process, showing you where to look next.


Dashboards are a collection of queries. They are a convenient way to organize and present related data by plant or by brand for example. You can quickly glance at operational performance measures, but also quickly drilldown to explore emerging trends and issues.

Easy Sharing

Query results, graphs, and charts can be easily shared via email for non-users or linked directly to other users. Infographics may also be downloaded and saved as images for inclusion in presentations and other uses.