Providing a Platform to Capture & Resolve Consumer’s Comments, Questions & Issues

A Complete Solution

CRS incorporates all the functionality required to manage consumer affairs, without the complexity or expense of integrating and owning point solutions. Its robust design adapts to your processes.

Peace of Mind

Define and manage business rules to ensure that consumer issues are dealt with the right way.

No IT Resources Required

We provide a secure hosted solution to minimize the burden on your IT department.


Product Description & Features

Efficient Contacts Entry

Capturing consumer reported data accurately and efficiently is essential for every contact method. Our contacts entry processes have been optimized over our 30 year history to allow reps to correctly, quickly, and completely record all of the information shared.

Flexible & Intelligent Workflow

Resolving the varying types of consumer issues requires adaptable workflows. You can create standard escalation and routing workflows for routine issues while still allowing exceptions to ensure the person best equipped to resolve the issue is doing so.

Survey & Scripting Functionality

Whether for adverse events, satisfaction surveys or consumer preference research, consistency in outward communication and internal process is key. The built-in scripting capabilities help ensure that every questions is asked the same way, while the survey module allows you to consistently codify information from the consumer.

Quality Control Responses

Contacts Review enables supervisors and administrators to quickly and easily review all or selected contacts on line before they are sent to consumers and before they appear on reports. This ensures newer agents are correctly coding and resolving issues as well as provides a second check on more sensitive issues.


CRS facilitates and helps you manage fulfillment of likely enclosures including literature, product samples, coupons and monetary compensation. Coupons and checks can be printed as part of the contact resolution. CRS maintains a log of all enclosures sent to each consumer.

Hierarchal Data

Creating hierarchical data structures for products and contact reason allow you to analyze your data at the macro and micro level. This makes uncovering actionable insights simple and easy for internal stakeholders like manufacturing, marketing and R&D.

Comprehensive Channel Support

Conventional channels like phone and email and emerging channels like chat and text messaging are fully integrated into CRS. Agents can follow the same processes and record consumer’s information in the same system leveraging the same data structures for comprehensive reporting.

Global & Multilingual Capabilities

Consumer contacts can be entered and stored in over a dozen languages with responses generated in those languages. It supports flexible address formats and postal verification for multiple countries as well. System information is segmented to ensure each region can only access their data, but can be aggregated for comprehensive reporting.