Solving the ‘where to buy’ question based on nearby actual product sales.

Maximize Brand Revenue

Quickly answering where-to-buys ensures every sales opportunity. And, providing all possible options to consumers promotes rapid and conversion and reduces the likelihood of brand switching.

Reduce the Cost of Answering Where to Buys

SPOT enables your consumers to self-serve, automating what is often one of the most common reasons for consumer contacts. Empowering your agents with quality data helps drive better responses and reduce average handle time.

Deliver Great Service

Consumers expect to be able to know everything there is to know about your brands – including exactly where they can buy it. Regardless of how they engage you – enable your desktop site, mobile site, and agents to meet and exceed their expectations with specific, accurate purchase options!


Product Description & Features

Analyze Consumers’ Searches

The data from SPOT inquiries is stored and is reportable. Understanding what products consumers are having a hard time finding, and where they are looking can be a valuable tool for your brand. Whether it’s focusing your on shelf availability efforts or helping your sales team show individual retail locations what business they are missing SPOT data can help close the gap.

A Turnkey & Flexible Solution

SPOT can easily be added to your existing brand sites or enabled for your contact center reps. Yet there are several deployment options including a variety of input and output options to ensure SPOT supplements your brand message and experience.

Multiple Query Options

Whether it’s guiding consumers via selection menus or selecting specific UPCs, SPOT provides flexible approaches to product identification. Similarly, geolocation or a specified zip code can be used to drive location.

Additional Contact Center Information

SPOT for contact centers provides additional information to reps to help them provide great service. SPOT can help Reps up-sell and cross-sell as well as suggest alternate or replacements SKUs.