Maintain Comprehensive Product & Process Information to Provide Consistent and Accurate Answers.

Single Version of the Truth

Our cloud-based knowledge management solutions provides the right information to answer consumers’ questions. ENLIGHT ensures updates are immediately available and your teams provide consistent, accurate answers for every consumer to deliver great consumer satisfaction.

Shared Information

One centralized source of information allows your agents, brand managers, PR team, and more to all access the information you need them to have, instantly, around the world. ENLIGHT can also reduce the complexity of sharing information with consumers by enabling self-service public FAQs.

Drive Efficiency

Integration with Wilke Global CRS streamlines handle time while supporting accurate data capture and the correct response. Analytics on the usage and search trends within ENLIGHT, along with feedback on the helpfulness of the article, enable ongoing simplification and continuous improvement.

Product Description & Features

Multiple document types

ENLIGHT allows you to incorporate the files most commonly used in your knowledgebase for easy reference. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, pdf, photos, and even videos can be included to let your audience access all of the materials they need.

Different User Groups, Different Access

Creating different classes of users to manage who can view what information is simple with ENLIGHT, allowing multiple groups to use the same knowledgebase. Access rights can also be tied to user groups based on the country or brand that different users support.

Public FAQs

Desired ENLIGHT documents can be accessed via specific links directly from your website. These can be used to power public-facing FAQs. This allows you to focus on maintaining a single base of documentation for your internal users that can also be accessed by consumers, allowing 24x7x365 self service with the accompanying cost and satisfaction benefits.


Maintain records of your former process and messaging documents using ENLIGHT versioning functionality. You can also prepare new documents in advance and then select publishing dates, useful to be ready for new product launches or programs.

Incorporate Feedback

Users as well as consumers can help you improve the quality of your knowledgebase. ENLIGHT allows audiences to grade the quality of response to help you understand which areas need improvement.

Comprehensive Channel Support

Conventional channels like phone and email and emerging channels like chat and text messaging are fully integrated into CRS. Agents can follow the same processes and record consumer’s information in the same system leveraging the same data structures for comprehensive reporting.