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5 Tips on globalizing your consumer care systems

July 30, 2018
Over the years our team has worked with brands working to globalize their consumer care systems. These projects can range from the seemingly simple (“it’s time to have the US and Canada on one system”) to the clearly challenging (“we need to integrate 80+ markets on a single platform”). No matter how big the challenge, our te am has identified a few common threads across most globalization projects. With credit to our consultants – here are some tips for any team planning to bring multiple markets onto a single system.

2018 Internet Trends Report - We see 4 key items for consumer care professionals

June 21, 2018

We were excited to share some big news with our recent announcement that we have joined forces with Astute Solutions. Not quite as exciting but always a big event for those of us who follow consumers and technology is the annual release of the annual KCPB Internet Trends report! Absolutely one of the best annual snapshots of trends in consumer technology.

Columbus Client Conference Recap

May 24, 2018

Last week we had the great pleasure of hosting more than 100 clients in our hometown of Columbus for our 28th Client Conference. Interacting with clients is always one of the highlights of my job.

As the leading customer service software provider for consumer brands, Wilke Global supports the entire workflow of today’s consumer affairs professionals. With the most comprehensive suite of offerings for consumer goods customer support, Wilke Global helps hundreds of brands manage their operations, delight consumers, and deliver timely insights.

  • CRS is flexible and has good functionality. It’s been able to do the things that we want to do with it.

    Shannon Buesgens
    Post Holdings
  • They are aggressive, solution-oriented, and seek constant customer feedback.

    Sheila Sullivan
    Coty Inc.
  • We’ve been with them 20 years and I wouldn’t think of going any place else.

    Patricia Lombardo
    Sargento Foods Inc.
  • They come up with creative solutions to meet client needs.

    Beth Ziff
    Premiere Response
  • “They are innovative, endlessly so.”

    John Cronce
    Jockey International Inc.
  • “For me, the most important aspect of continuing a partnership with Wilke Global is that they continue to innovate.”

    Ellyn Scott
  • Wilke Global seems to be the number one system used in the food and beverage industry, and is well-known and respected.

    Nanci Folkerts
  • I appreciate that Wilke listens to the user community feedback and tries to implement changes based off of that feedback.

    Joanna Grennes
  • They are very open minded to try new things to see if they can get their application to do what I as a client need it to do.

    Anne Straube
    SC Johnson

Our Products

Our solutions cover every aspect of consumer-to-business CRM, including efficient contact capture to ensure rapid issue resolution as well as complete reporting across all channels.

CRS helps you capture the right information to answer questions and resolve issues. It adapts to your processes and eliminates the need of integrating multiple tools.

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INCITE allows you to unlock the wealth of information consumers communicate to you. It helps you visualize trends, rapidly explore your data, and share learnings.

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ENLIGHT ensures a consistent and accurate message is shared with consumers. Your entire organization can access a single version of the truth.

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SPOT helps you maximize every sales opportunity while creating a positive consumer experience. SPOT directs consumers nearby to retail locations based on stores that have recently sold their desired product.

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SMART is built for consumer care teams to support social channels. It provides you a comprehensive view of consumer feedback across the most popular social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and more.

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Helping Butterball Prepare for Thanksgiving

The organization had reached a point where the technology used when interacting with consumers was reducing efficiency and dragging down operations. Butterball now uses Wilke Global’s CRS platform, as well as the ENLIGHT knowledgebase, the SPOT product locator tool, live chat functionality and other modules that work in concert with the CRS to create a seamless experience for both staff in the contact center and the consumers, who contact Butterball.

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